Once monthly CRF2 peptide agonist (COR-1389)

A very long lasting CRF2 peptide agonist, COR-1389, has been developed allowing once monthly subcutaneously administration for the treatment of chronic diseases of high unmet medical needs, such as right heart failure, obesity and sarcopenia. Preclinical proof of concept has been established with CRF2 agonists for these indications. In a preclinical model of right heart failure, COR-1389 has been shown to improve cardiac function and right ventricular hypertrophy. In obesity, COR-1389 is expected to lessen body weight by reducing the fat mass while preserving the lean mass, and to ameliorate obesity-related comorbidities. Finally CRF2 agonists have been reported to reduce skeletal muscle mass wasting, improve muscle strength and exercise capacity in various preclinical models of sarcopenia.